Dr. Joanne Scott, Ed.D

As a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY31240), I am committed to supporting parents through the early stages of parenthood and beyond. There are few life events that turn our world upside down in quite the same way as becoming a parent. Deprived of sleep and feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, we find ourselves responsible for caring for a life that is completely dependent on us. All of a sudden, the day-to-day activities that we have previously given little thought to can feel as though they are fraught with danger. To add to this, unresolved experiences from our childhood can resurface in ways that may leave us feeling confused, overwhelmed and disconnected from our inner-parenting wisdom.

I know how scary and unexpected all this can be. I was once like you, struggling to be the best parent I could, in the midst of anxiety, depression and self-doubt. Fortunately, with the right support, I came to understand that the pain I was experiencing was also an invitation to grow in self-compassion and self-awareness. I was able to make meaning from the experience and the insights I gained from that very challenging period have expanded far beyond my role as a mother.

I am passionate about paying my experience forward by providing parents with a warm, non-judgmental space to reflect on their experiences both past and present, learn new skills for managing their day-to-day stressors and to make conscious decisions about the kind of parents that they want to be. As a result of this, clients typically report feeling recharged, better equipped to respond to parenting challenges, increased self-compassion and greater access to their inner parenting wisdom.

Through listening to people’s stories of early parenthood, I have developed a special interest in helping new parents manage relationship conflict with adult parents and in-laws that can often occur during this phase of life. Individuals and couples benefit from learning how to establish loving boundaries with extended family members in order to protect the growth of their young family unit.

Experienced Therapist for Parents and Families

I have over 10 years of experience working as a therapist, both in England and California, working with a diverse range of populations, in a variety of clinical settings. I have received specialized training to work with perinatal mood disorders and I utilize a variety of approaches including mindfulness, body awareness and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – a treatment approach that can be particularly effective for working through traumatic memories and areas of “stuckness” that do not respond to traditional talk therapy.

If you are struggling in your parenting journey, please reach out. You do not have to struggle alone, it really does take a village!

To speak with Joanne about her services and availability, you can contact her directly at (657) 210-8300 or Joanne@cottonwoodpsychology.comYou can also view our pricing options on our Fees & Payments page.

Joanne Scott of Cottonwood Psychology Center is proud to offer in-office & online cognitive-behavioral and strengths-based therapy in Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Villa Park, Tustin, Santa Ana, Irvine, Orange and surrounding areas.

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