Cottonwood Psychology Center has two locations.

5241 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd in Suite 132 in Anaheim, California.

14751 Plaza Dr in Suite C in Tustin, California.

For general questions, please email us at or call us at (657) 214-8500.

Each of our clinicians has their own dedicated phone line so that they can be reached in case of an emergency. Please contact them directly for any questions you may have or to set up an appointment.

Dr. Megan Phillips can be reached at (657) 234-7535

Christina LaMonica, LCSW and Clinical Director can be reached at (657) 214-8370

Dr. Joanne Scott can be reached at (657) 210-8300

Violet Alcantar, LCSW can be reached at (657) 348-6900

Mary Jenkins, ACSW can be reached at (657) 208-0980

Paige Cline, MFTA can be reached at (562) 888-0768

Brandon McQueen, LMFT can be reached at (657) 210-8200

Kristin Boyd, MFTA can be reached at (657) 210-1803

Elaine Brattain, MFTA can be reached at (657) 214-0565

Courtney Roserie, MFTA can be reached at (657) 348-6901

Eva DeCroix, MFTA can be reached at (657) 348-6902

Tennya Smith, MFTA can be reached at (657) 208-0981

Dr. Vanessa Rodriguez, Psy.D can be reached at (657) 214-0492

Dr. Priscilla Olmos, Psy.D can be reached at (657) 549-3535

Dr. Rachael Berg-Martinez, PhD can be reached at (657) 208-6734

Laura Ang-Singleton, APCC can be reached at (657) 331-5520

Amber Navarro, APCC can be reached at (657) 331-5510


Cottonwood Psychology Center is proud to offer in-office & online cognitive-behavioral and strengths-based therapy in Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Villa Park, Tustin, Santa Ana, Irvine, Orange and surrounding areas.

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