Hello! We are so glad you are interested in being a part of the Cottonwood team! We would love to hear from you, but before we begin, please take a look at some of the important considerations that we want to be transparent about before we connect.

Overview of Our Practice

For starters, we are predominantly a perinatal mental health practice. We also treat the whole family, so we have a need for trained clinicians who are comfortable working with parents, couples, and kids as well. However, each of our staff also receives training in perinatal mental health before they begin so they are all competent to treat this population. If you already have this training, you get bonus points. 

We are also a diverse team with clinicians from all walks of life, and we strongly value our commitment to honoring diversity. We will only bring people onboard who are equally committed to working collaboratively within that model. 

Lastly, we have strong values about reducing the barriers of access to quality healthcare. As such, we take several forms of health insurance so that our clients can utilize their expensive health benefits to receive care. Some of our clients do choose to pay out of pocket, but the majority prefer to use their insurance. This means that our compensation rates have a glass ceiling to them because we are limited by the reimbursement rates of the insurance companies. We don’t like it, but this is our reality, and to go against that means we get to help fewer people, and that is not a compromise we are willing to make. Therefore, we post the pay up front and you can decide whether or not that makes sense for your needs. 

Expected Compensation

Our pre-licensed providers start at $35 per clinical hour
Our licensed master’s level providers start at $50 per clinical hour
Our psychologists start at $65 per clinical hour

Compensation rates can increase due to tenure and training. Admin time is also compensated at a lower rate. We believe in posting the pay and we hope you appreciate the transparency. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if this all sounds good to you. We can’t wait to connect!

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